CIRI ICT (Interdipartimental Center for Industrial Research on Information and Comunication Technologies) is the High Technology Net laboratory in Emilia-Romagna. The CIRI ICT competences range on various methodological and technological aspects related to Cloud Computing solutions for dynamic services and resources management. Furthermore, CIRI ICT boasts also big competences on BBCC data acquisition, archiving and conservation systems side and on business models tied to social enterprise.


SOFTECH-ICT (Interdipartimental Center of Industrial Research: ICT for business). This center gained through the years a considerable experience in online digital data, video, images and text analysis. In the BBCC application field, SOFTECH-ICT boasts video analysis competences and competences on innovative techniques of interaction with digital goods.
Centuria Agenzia per l’Innovazione della Romagna is an High Technology Net innovation center with a twenty-year experience in the technological transfer field and in the diffusion of research results. Centuria takes particular care of efficacy and efficiency of disclosure activities with the purpose of promote the results applicable potential from reference productive chain.

Other participants

Comune di Bologna - Bologna (BO)
It's a project strategical partner because the SACHER platform will be validated in the tangible BBCC management test which will take place in the Palazzo del Podestà area and near the Fontana del Nettuno which are into Bologna center.

Imola Informatica s.p.a - Imola (BO)
It's a consultation company whose field is the "Information & Communication Technology" and it's a technological partner supporting the cloud platform.

It's a company which offers business integration, application and infrastructural outsourcing and strategical consultation businesses and it's a technological partner supporting the cloud platform.

Leonardo s.r.l - Bologna (BO)
It's a modern, highly specialized, operative and cultural laboratory, with all the competences to work on safeguard, restoration and maintenance of artistic goods. It knows how to respect and enhance the history and the identity of the cultural heritage.