Creatività e Beni Culturali: a generative campaign offered by SACHER project

5th May 2017 update

There is no doubt: Italy is the richest place in the world in terms of cultural heritage, nonetheless we have the sensation that these treasures are not preserved and are not taken advantage of enough. How many opportunities are lost or remain unexplored? This course, organized by the Università di Bologna in the area of the regional SACHER project, has the purpose of collecting experts and non-experts for guiding them with scientific methodologies toward the generation of creative ideas which could bring benefits to culture, tourism, economy and to our life in italy in general.
This course provides theorical and methodological knowledge at the core of creative thinking, which will find specific application during the focus “Idee innovative per il settore dei beni culturali” (Innovative ideas for the cultural heritage sector). SACHER project makes available an innovative distributed platform for supporting management and restoration of the cultural heritage, which could be used in an instrumental way for generating new business models in this field. Technology, culture and innovation united with a purpose.

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