SACHER: a new ICT platform for the promotion of the cultural heritage

Thursday 29 September 2016 Hours 2,30 P.M. - 5,00 P.M.
Sala Urbana in Palazzo d’Accursio, Piazza Maggiore 6 - Bologna

The promotion of the tangible cultural heritage (BBCC) represents a strategical asset for the development and the innovation of the traditional cultural and touristic circuits in art cities.

However it's still lacking an advanced ICT platform which can face the complete BBCC data life-cycle with coherent methodology and with innovative technologies.

SACHER, a project financed by Regione Emilia-Romagna POR FESR 2014-2020, could fill this gap working synergically at two levels.

At a technological level SACHER will provide a ICT platform with cloud computing support, completely distributed and open source, which can integrate the different hardware and software infrastructures and the BBCC data already available coming from public and private authorities making archiviation, access and fruition easier.

At a business model level, SACHER will define new participatory design models for fostering new content creation for obtaining cultural services through the engagement of the contents' users (tourists, inhabitants) and of the BBCC experts (scholars, researchers, curators).


2,15 P.M. - Participants registration 

2,30 P.M. - Greeting and conference start

Giuseppe Paruolo, President of the V Commissione Assembleare for Culture, School, Education, Work, Sport - Regione Emilia-Romagna

2,40 P.M. - Present problems and unsolved needs analysis 

Dora Catalano and Giorgio Sobrà, Istituto superiore for the Conservation and Restauration

3,00 P.M. - The Sacher project: which gaps is going to fill

Rebecca Montanari, Coordinator and Professor at Università di BolognaCIRI ICT

3,15 P.M. - State of the art and applicable technologies: experiences and opportunities

Rossana Gabrielli, Leonardo

Piero Luisi, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica

Normanno Cacciari, Imola Informatica

3,45 P.M. - The applicable case of the Fontana del Nettuno

Fabio Andreon, Comune di Bologna

4,00 P.M. - Toward new managerial models for the promotion of the cultural heritage in an European perspective

Fabio Donato, Economy and Management department, Università di Ferrara

4,30 P.M. - The project inside POR-FESR announcements

Lucia Mazzoni, ASTER

4,45 P.M. - Question Time and conference ending