Creatività e Beni Culturali: a generative campaign offered by SACHER project

18th March, 6th May, 17th June e 14th July 2017
Aula 0.6 c/o Scuola di Ingegneria ed Architettura, Viale Risorgimento 2 - Bologna

There is no doubt: Italy is the richest place in the world in terms of cultural heritage, nonetheless we have the sensation that these treasures are not preserved and are not taken advantage of enough. How many opportunities are lost or remain unexplored? This course, organized by the Università di Bologna in the area of the regional SACHER project, has the purpose of collecting experts and non-experts for guiding them with scientific methodologies toward the generation of creative ideas which could bring benefits to culture, tourism, economy and to our life in italy in general.
This course provides theorical and methodological knowledge at the core of creative thinking, which will find specific application during the focus “Idee innovative per il settore dei beni culturali” (Innovative ideas for the cultural heritage sector). SACHER project makes available an innovative distributed platform for supporting management and restoration of the cultural heritage, which could be used in an instrumental way for generating new business models in this field. Technology, culture and innovation united with a purpose.

Course structure

This course is structured so as to allow to participants to immerse in the creative process, to put their hands in the gray matter of the ideas in formation, to interact in synergy with representatives of others disciplines. It will spring out that generating ideas will restore knowledge!
This course is based on approaches which are at the same time scientifically proven and of practical utility, adopted by the Università di Bologna in its classes. This course will be guided by professor Giovanni Emanuele Corazza from the Università di Bologna and by his research group from the Marconi Institute for Creativity
This course is made of four encounters (18/03, 06/05, 17/06 and 14/07 of this year) which will take place on saturday in Bologna and an on-line co-creation activity (see detailed calendar), to do on your own with the support of the formation group. Place and time of the physical encounters will be comunicated at the end of the subscriptions.


This course is open to all the experts of the cultural heritage sector, to all the experts of nearby sectors and to citizens which are interested in deepening their knowledge of the creative thinking and its application to the cultural heritage. This course is free thanks to the support of the POR-FESR programme issued by Emilia Romagna region.
The maximum number of participants expected is of 20 people. For subscribing to this course, send an e-mail before 24/2/2017 to, specifying:
1)    Name and surname, date and place of birth
2)    Institution/company membership and professional qualification
3)    Declaration of interest for this course themes (essential admission criteria)

What is SACHER

SACHER (Smart Architecture for Cultural Heritage in Emilia Romagna) is a project coordinated by the CIRI ICT (Interdipartimental Center for Industrial Research about Information and Communications Technologies) of the Università di Bologna and financed in the area of the POR FESR 2014-2020 issued by Emilia Romagna region. SACHER wants to promote the tangible cultural heritage intended as strategical assets for development, innovation and revitalization of traditional cultural and touristic circuits in the art cities and of the cultural and creative industries in Emilia Romagna. In particular, this project wants to give a support either to the users of the contents (tourists, citizens) or to the experts of cultural heritage (professionals, scholars, researchers), trough an ICT platform which is advanced, flexible and open to acquire, preserve, monitor, maintain and visualize the cultural heritage data. For more information see:

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