Creatività e Beni Culturali: a generative campaign offered by SACHER project

Final day of ideas presentation
Friday 14th July 2017, h 2.00
Scuola di Ingegneria ed Architettura Classroom 0.6, Viale Risorgimento 2 - Bologna

The course Creatività e Beni Culturali: una campagna generativa offerta dal progetto SACHER (Creativity and cultural heritage: a generative campaign offered by SACHER project), held by the professor Giovanni Emanuele Corazza of the Marconi Institute for Creativity of the Università di Bologna, organizes the final day of ideas presentation.

Italy has the most important cultural heritage in the world. But do we know how to benefit from that? 36 experts coming from the entire nation focused with the purpose of finding innovative and creative answers to this long-standing question, in the area of the SACHER project.

Using the theorical and methodological basis of the science of the creative thinking offered by the Marconi Institute for Creativity, the experts generated together 109 ideas for joining the cultural heritage with commerce, tourism, social and cultural responsibility.

The 24 best ideas are presented during this event open to the public.

Shown below are the links to the presentations of the ideas of the 6 experts' groups which participated to the Creatività e Beni Culturali workshop:

Shown below are the three video about this event made by @icuberemiliaromagna

On Lepida.TV site is available the integral version of the final day of the workshop
"Creatività e beni culturali - Progetto Sacher" (See the video)

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