Smart Architecture for Cultural Heritage in Emilia Romagna

The promotion of the cultural heritage is currently without ICT platforms which can manage the entire tangible BBCC data life-cycle and integrate public and private cultural operators' databases, which are heterogeneous and fragmented. SACHER wants to fill this gap, working synergically at two levels: the first is the technological one and the second is as a business model. At a technological level SACHER will provide a platform for the management of the entire tangible BBCC data life-cycle based on a cloud computing environment, completely distributed and open source, which can allow to integrate the different hardware and software infrastructures and the data already available coming from public and private authorities on the Active Digital Identity paradigm which can allow to make all resources unique and interoperable for operators and users of cultural services. The SACHER platform will promote the fruition and the sharing in a fast, secure and scalable way of BBCC between the different communities made of public and private authorities, as well as enabling a more easy collaboration. The SACHER platform will provide also application services for granting access, finalized analysis and advanced presentation of BBCC data, personalized for the different final categories and specific objectives (administrative, historic, etc.). At a business model level, SACHER will define new models based on "participatory design" for BBCC data in the social enterprise direction. The SACHER platform validation will happen in collaboration with the Comune di Bologna on tangible BBCC inside Palazzo del Podestà area. SACHER final purpose is not only to realize a demo which can be quickly transferred on the market and reused in various contexts in art cities, but also to generate an ecosystem of services and actors which can produce new value chains in cultural services production and collaborative fruition areas.