EXE.IT Srl SB Since 1988 we are the ideal partner for companies' IT services. We design and supply ICT solutions such as IT as a Service, VPS, Private Cloud, Data Protection, Security, Assistance and Consulting. In our Green Data Center owner 00GATE: the first Data Center to ZERO EMISSIONS of Southern Europe. We are a Benefit Corporation, that is, we carry out our business in innovative ways because, together with the commercial objective, we aim to create a positive impact on society and the environment.
We are in Castel San Pietro Terme, in the province of Bologna.


ICCD The Central Institute for Cataloging and Documentation was founded in 1975 with the institution of the Ministry for Cultural and Environmental Heritage - today Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - and has the task of managing the General Catalog of archaeological heritage , architectural, national artistic and ethno-anthropological. The Institute brings together two bodies of different origins and histories but with the same purpose of knowing the cultural heritage: the Catalog Office, founded in 1969 with the task of defining the cataloging methodologies and coordinating the operational activities of the technical bodies, and the National Photographic Cabinet, founded in 1895 as the main state institution for the production and collection of photographic documentation, which in 1959 annexed the National Air Photo Library. In addition to carrying out the activities related to cataloging, today the ICCD keeps collections of historical photography constantly increased and offered for public consultation. Publications, exhibitions and catalogs are made to promote cataloging activities and enhance this photographic heritage.


IBC The Institute for the artistic, cultural and natural heritage of the Emilia-Romagna Region (IBC) was born in 1974 as an instrument of regional planning and consultancy body of local authorities in the field of cultural heritage. Since 1983 the Regional Superintendence for book and documentary assets has been part of the Institute, managing the interventions for libraries and historical archives. In 1995 the IBC was reorganized and renewed on the basis of a new Law. 29/1995 which reiterates its role as "technicoscientific organ and planning tool of the Emilia-Romagna Region in the field of artistic, cultural and natural heritage". As such, the Institute "promotes and carries out cognitive and operational activities, investigation and research, for the enhancement and restoration of historical and artistic heritage, for the protection, enhancement and preservation of historical centers, for the development of all functions related to artistic, cultural and natural heritage, providing in these fields the raimondisolo2propria consulting to the Region and local authorities "and" also exercises, within the law, the regional planning and the regional guidelines, the administrative functions of regional competence relating to the subject 'museums and libraries of local authorities'.